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Structural engineering and the structural engineer defined....

“Structural engineering is the science and art of designing and making, with economy and elegance, buildings, bridges, frameworks and other similar structures so that they can safely resist the forces to which they may be subjected.”

“The Structural Engineer must understand the Architect’s desire to have the structural frame compliment the function and the motif of the building.  He must be appreciative of the space needed for the conduits and ducts required by the Electrical and Mechanical Engineers as they attempt to regulate the internal environment of the modern building. Within such constraints, he must produce a safe and economical structural frame.  The frame must safely support the gravity and wind loads without undue deflection or sway affecting the operation of other building components or producing unpleasant sensations to the occupants.”

Welcome to the website of Pickett, Kelm & Associates, Inc., consulting structural engineers.

PKA has been providing professional consulting structural engineering services to clients in the public, institutional, industrial and commercial market sectors throughout central Texas since its founding in  February, 1993.

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